Do you know the type of elastics? Read on for more information.

1. According to the weaving method

Plain, twill, satin, and miscellaneous are three major categories. (Plain / small corrugated / twill / security tape / pit / bead / jacquard PP tape can be divided into 900D / 1200D / 1600D according to the…

If we take manual or mechanical processing to roughly distinguish, there are only two categories, handmade lace, and mechanical lace. However, most of the current handmade lace has been imitated and replaced by mechanized weaving since the industrial revolution in England. …

Elastic laces are becoming more and more popular. Especially the middle-aged and sick people. With the help of elastic laces, they no longer need to tie their shoes out of breath.

Physical therapist recommendation

Useful rehabilitation assistant (surgery, stroke, injury). Arthritis, neuropathy, and diabetes are just a few examples that can cause problems…

When comes to your mind first when you hear “lace”? A lace wedding dress? A dream catcher? A lace choker? It seems that lace garments and clothing have been the symbol of femininity all over the world.

What does lace mean?

If you search “lace” as a noun in the…

Zhimin Yan

Prime Elastic is one leading organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of garment accessories —

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